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The members of the association Ami.Ca. (Amici dei Carcerati) correspond with both Italian and foreign prisoners. At present we have pen-friends in Italy. The association has about 30 members from all over Italy, who correspond with about 20 prisoners, depending on their time availability.

In order to become a member of Ami.Ca you need to be really desirous of corresponding - constantly and regularly - with a person who is going through the tough experience of life behind bars. Every member is responsible for the conduct of his/her own correspondence, however please feel free to contact us for any information and/or suggestion or explanation you may need amicideicarcerati@libero.it  .

If you have an Internet access and wish to be kept constantly updated on what happens within the association and also to receive news (almost daily) from other human rights groups, your e-mail address can be added to our mailing list. Just lest us know!

As our members live in different areas of the country, keeping in touch does cost. In fact, we meet expenses daily for photocopies, stamps, envelopes, paper, Internet, phone calls, phone messages, e-mails, and so on. This is the reason why we have decided to impose a free taxation for to be paid into the following:

Postal Account Number: 10881316.

Opened in the name of: "AMI.CA." (Associazione Amici dei Carcerati), 31015 Conegliano (TV), ITALY.

As "description" you may want to write "membership fee" or whatever the case may be.

Please note: if you are joining us from a foreign country, you need to make out an International money-order to be sent to the above address.

Furthermore, please know that in order to be included in our database, you’ll be requested to provide us with your name and surname, your date of birth, your address, your e-mail (if available) and your phone number. No new member will be accepted only by his/her anonymous nick-name.

Thank you for your attention. Hopefully you’ll join Ami.Ca. soon! There may already be a prisoner waiting for your letter… Nothing happens casually. Whatever happens, happens for a reason…


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